Open-Source Tools for Trusted Third Parties in Translational Medicine

ACE's minimalistic, icon-like logo: A black shield on white background with a spade in it. In the spade the are the letters ACE.

Advanced Confidentiality Engine

ACE provides a robust solution for pseudonymization services and features high scalability and an integrated audit trail. Its architecture enables the creation of domain hierarchies with inheritable properties that provide both configuration and customization capabilities. Complemented by a modern REST interface and a responsive graphical front-end, ACE is well suited for use by trusted third party personnel as well as integration into data processing pipelines.

Still in development
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Key Index of Names and General Identification Numbers

KING offers advanced identity management features. It is highly scalable and highly configurable. Various record linkage methods are integrated to cover the needs of different use cases. A modern REST interface and responsive graphical front-end ensure efficient and user-friendly usage by trusted third party personnel and allow integration into data processing pipelines.

Still in development
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Holistic Electronic Agreement Recording Tool

HEART is a specialized tool for the electronic capture and management of consent documents. It is flexibly configurable, supports semantic annotation of consent documents, and is optimized for use on tablets and mobile devices. In addition, HEART provides detailed audit logs so that every consent change can be accurately tracked. The ability to create custom consent templates makes it optimally configurable for a wide range of use cases.

Still in development

Project partners

BIH's Medical Informatics Lab

The Medical Informatics Lab coordinates the project and contributes to the design and implementation of the THS-MED TrustDeck services and their evaluation.

Website of BIH's Medical Informatics Lab
Trusted Third Party BIH@Charité

The independent Trusted Third Party (TTP) of Charité - Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the Berlin Institute of Health (BIH) is supporting researchers in the legally compliant use of data in the context of medical research. It regulates and protects access to personally identifiable data.

Website of the Trusted Third Party BIH@Charité

Project-relevant publications

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